Orange County Fair Demonstration
August 2, 2003
Special thanks to Miss Sophia Encalada for her help with taking these pictures.

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One step sparring. Hup!

Mr. Trent Steinhauser indeed takes down
Mr. Jon Steinhauser.

A progressive line of white belts executes jump kick.

Jonathan B. evades Cornell L.'s turn back kick.

Christina C. jump-kicks at Oakley B., "The Matrix" style!

Ms. Razzo goes after Mrs. Encalada with a high kick.

Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Fallaha square off.

Mr. Trent Steinhauser took a tumble
as he loses his sword to Mr. Boren.

Jack O. makes his escapes from "the Big Bad Man".

Sean flips over 2 Big Bad Men. Take THAT!