Jimmy Kim Invitational
September 6, 2003

Welcome to 2003 JKI Tournament!

Jack O. and Nicolas M. make their way into the stadium.

2 thumbs up for Garrett B.

The Army Reserve Colorguard presents the color.

Sean O.'s sky-high front kick!

Dylan V., first from the right, waits for results.

Natalie A. smiles before her kyroogi match...
...but not during. Rawr!

Mr. Steinhauser and Mrs. Godfrey take a break and
hang out with Scott A. and Jonathan B.

Proud parents (of themselves and their son), the Vassbergs.

Mr. Steinhauser presents our participation trophy!

Referees from Southern California TKD Academy as they get ready for the event.
Ms. Ohl, Ms. Tallen, Chris P., Mrs. Encalada, Mrs. Godfrey, Mr. Steinhauser
Master Steinhauser, Mrs. Maya, Ms. Razzo and Mr. Boren.
(Ms. Mitchell and Ms. Fallaha not pictured.)