The Southern California Tae Kwon Do Academy welcomes you...

“The study of Taekwondo is not the task of one day,
or of one year...
It is rather the path
of a life time.”

 Grand Master Patrick T. Steinhauser
8th Dan
Founder of The Southern California Tae Kwon Do Academy in 1975

Training in the art of Taekwondo is more than just kicking and punching...
It is development of a strong mind and body.
Patience, concentration, attention to detail, spirit and humility are essential.

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About The Southern California Taekwondo Academy

Our Philosophy | Class Information | Special Classes | About the Grand-Master

Message from Grand Master Steinhauser

Training in the art of Taekwondo is more than just kicking and punching. The study of technique is not the task of one day, or of one year. It is rather the path of a life time.

The exercise of Taekwondo will develop strength and flexibility of the body, develop patience, concentration, attention to detail, develop quick reflexes, spirit and humility. Meditation will develop inner awareness and confidence. Only by balancing these can you reach the true meaning of Taekwondo.

There is no doubt that through training in Taekwondo, better understanding of oneself and others will be achieved.

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Taekwondo has been passed on from Master to students for several thousand years, each interpreting and applying that knowledge to his or her way of life and teaching.

Philosophy as Master Steinhauser has been instructed and as he now instructs his students can be best defined as "an overall vision of, or an attitude toward life and the purpose of life." A search for inner peace and strength by learning to control the emotions and conquer fear, anger, and hatred.

Taekwondo teaches that clear and organized mind projects a stronger, self-controlled, secure individual. By seeking harmony with his or her surroundings, a Taekwondo person will leave behind abusive aggression and violence, to become a calm and caring human being.

In summary, the philosophy of Taekwondo is the understanding of oneself and others, respect for all living things and loyalty of country, family, Master, teachers, and friends.

Taekwondo is a way of life.

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Class Information
  • Classes times are: Monday through Friday 5:30-6:10pm and 6:10-6:50pm. We are closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Classes are open to ALL students.
  • Class fee is $70.00 per month.
  • Sign up with Grand Master Steinhauser any day before class begins, you can purchase your uniform then.

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Special Classes

In addition to our regular Taekwondo lessons, we offer the following special training programs:

  • Women's self defense [pictures]
  • Children's self defense [pictures]
  • Non violent crisis intervention
  • Corporate classes
  • Stretching
  • Private lessons
**At least 15 participants are needed. Please contact Grand Master Steinhauser for more details.

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About the Grand Master

Grand Master Patrick Steinhauser founded the Southern California Taekwondo Academy in 1975. He instructs all the classes with occasional assistance from his black belt student-instructors. His students range from young children to adults-- many of them are families. Master Steinhauser is a leader that trains and teaches by example. He is also a leading authority on teaching children, emphasizing on respect, discipline, determination, and self confidence.

Grand Master Steinhauser has trained 12 National Jr. Olympic Champions, as well as five Senior National Champions. A well respected expert in the Martial Arts in the United States and Korea, he has been featured in Who's Who in Martial Arts twice, and a keynote speaker at many black belt training seminars. He was voted "Coach of the Year" in 1996, and has numerous awards and achievements in martial arts, business, and competition.

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